Athon Energia • O que fazemos EN

What we do

We are investing significant amount of capital with the goal of exploring the growing market of distributed energy generation.

We carry out the following activities to serve our clients:

Site Search

Our team searches for the ideal spot for the assembly of the solar plant


We develop and manage the design, assembly and connection of the PV plant to the energy grid

Long Term Contracts with our Customers

Customers lease our PV plants through long-term rental contracts, guaranteeing significant discounts on their energy bills

Operation and Maintenance

Somos responsáveis por todas as atividades de O&M, gestão de faturamento e relacionamento com a concessionaria de energia


Athon is responsible for all the financial investment (CAPEX) for the development of the photovoltaic plant

Profile of Athon’s  Clients

Firms with low or medium voltage consumption starting on 150 MWh per month or with energy bills  summing at least R$ 120.000,00 per month. Among the segments most interested in our solution we have:

• Telecomunication
• Financials
• Retailers


A new energy for Brazil